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I’m kinetic. I’m two steps ahead of myself. Movement seems to be the antidote for anxiety, except sometimes, it just fuels the grand fire. With the force of my walk, wind is generated and the nervous fire grows. I’m worried of boredom and routine. I’m worried of not ever being able to settle down  and my languish for danger. Its paradoxical and it cripples me, aiding the utterly overwrought fire within.


Road Trip, Iceland

Water Sun

Photograph by Neil Krug

1978 Vandor Cloud and Rainbow Teapot


I’m just a fresh loaf of bread : hot but also baked


I love grocery shopping. I love finding all the great deals even if it means me riding my bike 5km more in the downpour. When I glow up…imma be a Extreme Couponer

Just a list of nice things
- lil visit to america for my autumn break that my sweet and giving american daddio purchased for me.
- may be going to L.A. for a couple of days in this mini break? I hope so. I haven’t been out west since I was 6 ! Or Austin, tx. Wherever the daddio is going with work and I shall go with him. Funny how when you dont live w your parents, they become the best people ! Ya know?
- Leif Podhajsky (1 of my favorite artists of all time who fx made all of the Tame Impala album covers) followed me on IG !!!! I freaked da fuq out. I know its just a lil thing to some ppl but to me its mighty big knowing my audience suddenly includes someone i look up to so much !
- wow wow wow. Suddenly so many of my amazing friends ordering plane tickets to my mother land to come visit me in denmark!!!!!! I love visitors. I love cooking for them. I love making their beds. I love showing then this town and treating them to fine coffee. I’d make such a good housewife/hotel owner

my mormor and her twin sister owned a couple of clubs spread around denmark in the 70’s. this is new knowledge to me and it explains my insatiable appetite for discodancin

dis would go so well with my color scheme of my life